German Exchange 2015

On Saturday 17 January, we all flew out to Frankfurt in Germany from Birmingham Airport. It was an amazing experience! When we arrived in Germany our German exchange partners were there waiting for us full of excitement! We then went home to our German exchange partners’ house. On Sunday we had the day with our German exchange partners and their families. Some people went swimming, to see the Frankfurt skyline or play indoor crazy golf. On Monday we went to school with them where we met up with everyone else, we were then welcomed to the school by the headmistress and some of the other German teachers. After this we went to Frankfurt airport. At the airport we had a tour which was 45 minutes long. It was really interesting to see all the different planes flying in and out of Frankfurt airport from all around the world. We saw some of the planes had new technology. Frankfurt is the biggest Lufthansa airport. We were very lucky to be able to go on this tour because we got to see parts of the airport which a lot of people don’t get to see up close. In the afternoon we went on a town tour in Frankfurt. Here we were given a map and we had to find the different places on the map and answer questions about them. This was very interesting because we got to learn about the history of Frankfurt. 

On Tuesday we went to the Gutenberg museum in Mainz. This was a printing museum with a lot of history behind it. At the printing museum we saw the printing of a page of Genesis and then got to decorate our own with quills and inks to take home with us. The tour guide showed us how they printed when Gutenberg invented it. After this we were given time in the town to do some shopping and if we wanted to we could find some things out about Mainz.

On Wednesday we had a tour of the highest skyscraper in Frankfurt, the Commerzbank. We were told about different floors, and on some floors there were special gardens and plants and trees that grew there. We were fortunately allowed on the highest floor. It had more steel in this building than the Eiffel Tower! After this we went to the Dialog museum where we had a challenge to get around in total darkness, at the end we had to order drinks still in total darkness. It was very impressive how the man giving us the drinks could know what drink to give us and how much change we needed back. It was also very impressive how our tour guide told us what was where and what to look out for because he couldn’t see anything just like we couldn’t. The idea of the Dialog museum was for people to experience what it is like to be blind. 

On Thursday we went to Heidelberg and we were very lucky because our German exchange partners were allowed to come with us. In Heidelberg we went on a tour of the town and found out some very interesting historic facts about Heidelberg. There was a lot of things which our tour guide told us about such as the prisons, which we were lucky enough to see, and the architecture of Heidelberg. After lunch we were given some free time in which we could go shopping and just enjoy ourselves.

 On Friday we were lucky enough to be able to meet the town Mayoress and have a meeting with her. In this meeting she asked us questions about ourselves and very kindly let us ask her questions about her life style and any other things we might be curious about. After we had met the Mayoress we went back to the Albert Einstein Schule where we attended our German exchange partners’ lessons. This was quite interesting because we got to see the way that a German school works and how it is different to English schools. We then had a drama lesson with everyone. After the drama lesson some people had more lessons with their German exchange partner while others were allowed to go home. Finally at the end of the day there was a farewell party for us, this was a lot of fun and a perfect way to end an amazing week. 

On Saturday was the flight home. We were all very upset to be leaving, as were our German exchange partners and their families. Now we cannot wait for them to come to England! 

By Hannah Dacombe and Anna Kirk (Year 9)