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In the summer term of 2013, Year 6 pupils at all four primary feeder schools (Knowle, Dorridge, Bentley Heath and St George & St Teresa) trialled a seven week programme of French lessons designed to give them an idea of the importance of learning a language, as well as an introduction to France, it's language and culture. The lessons were prepared by MFL specialists at Arden but delivered by primary class teachers.

Topics covered included :

  • The importance of French as a world and business language, famous Brits who use it on a daily basis, and a look at the countries which have French as an official language due to colonialism in the past.
  • A look at the way the French and English languages have adopted many words from each other, mainly due to the easy availability of music and tv on the Internet, and of course our countries' close geographical proximity.
  • Some every day basic vocabulary, including greetings and numbers , describing family members, clothes and colours.
  • Pronunciation of some basic French sounds like “oi” and “eu”.
  • Word order
  • Genders of French nouns
  • Agreement of adjectives

The module of work ended in a French fashion show led by Arden staff together with Year 10 and Sixth Form helpers.