Controlled Assessment Information

GCSE MFL controlled assessment timetable


The focus of each term is based on the exam theme and all learning is working towards the exam title. Both the writing and speaking are covered over a two week period of time for the preparation and exam.

If a writing exam students, will be presented with the task in the first lesson of preparation time and by the last lesson over a two week period they will be asked to write their piece in controlled conditions using a thirty word sheet and a dictionary for guidance. We would recommend that students purchase an Easy Learning Dictionary as we cannot guarantee access for all to a dictionary.

Often the groups are mixed up to ensure students appreciate it is an exam situation.

With the speaking exam, as with the writing students are presented with a task and under test conditions are asked to prepare this. They will have around two weeks to practice. Each teacher will have a specific day to do their speaking exams and they create individual appointments for students to complete their speaking exam which last around 15 minutes. All students must attend. In the speaking exam itself they are allowed a 30 word prompt sheet to assist them.

During the preparation time students will have to spend quality time at home practising their pieces. is good for assisting speaking and we do have a French/German assistant who can help.

GCSE Controlled Assessment Calendar 2015-2016