1. Who manages the Library?

The Library is managed by the librarian, Miss O’Brien

2. When is the Library Open?

The Library is open from 08:30-16:15 including breaktimes & lunchtimes

3. What sort of material does the Library stock?

The Library has a wonderful range of resources. Readers of all levels are catered for; from reluctant to passionate. Stock is updated regularly and features a wide range of popular authors, debut novelists and prize winning texts, both contemporary and classic. Advice is always on hand to direct, encourage and motivate - the aim being to foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime. The non-fiction section not only supports the curriculum but also offers students the opportunity to focus on hobbies and pastimes.

4. Do I need a library card?

No, books are issued without using a library card. Students automatically become members of the Library when they start at Arden

5. How many books may I take out at one time?

Students are allowed to borrow up to four resources at a time.

6. How long is the loan period?

The loan period is four weeks.

7. What happens if I forget to take a book back on time?

Students will not be charged fines but they will not be able to borrow other titles until the overdue item is returned.

8. I've lost a library book, what should I do?

Don't panic! Speak to Miss O’Brien as soon as possible. Most books are not lost, they are merely mislaid! However if you cannot find the book you will have to pay for it. The responsibility for paying for a lost book belongs to the person to whom it was issued. This is also relevant to books that are badly damaged.

9. What are the Library rules?

  • The Library is a designated 'Quiet Zone' - students are expected to work or read quietly.
  • Students should respect other users.
  • Students should behave in line with Arden's Student Behaviour Policy.
  • Students are allowed to bring a bottle of water into the Library. Other drinks are not permitted nor is the consumption of any food.
  • Please do not sit on the floor.