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Projects and Bids

One of the main goals is to raise money to pay for items which will enhance the learning and fulfilment of the students so that they can maximise their potential. Thanks to the generous support of pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community attending the numerous events we organise throughout the year, we are able to generate additional funds that we look forward to directing towards suitable bids and projects.

Over the past few years, we are proud to have raised an impressive amount of money for the purchase of larger items such as an Arden minibus and a professional sound and lighting system, but equally we also encourage representatives from different departments to present financial bids to the PTA for items of specialist equipment or wider educational opportunities that will really make a difference to the pupils they teach.

Recent Arden PTA Bids/Purchases

Bid 15: PE Department - new sports kit for teams (home and away)

Belonging to the school, smart new sports kit to benefit over 400 pupils representing Arden at home and away fixtures, covering all sports teams. Total cost £4858.00

Bid 14: Sciences Department Equipment

Three variations of resources; to replace that which is broken, that which is needed for the curriculum. These are resources will support and enhance the curriculum offering in a cost effective way.

  • Physics: replacing the electrical kit which is not fully functional
  • Biology: bid for anatomy demonstration equipment is smaller because resources are not as expensive
  • Chemistry: titration, it could be done with one titration kit, but the learning would be enhanced if the students could do it themselves, and this is an extra to the basic curriculum. Total cost: these are items for long term use at a total of £6224.00 (excluding VAT)

Bid 13: Art and Technology Display Boards

These new boards will be a great support in the display of students’ work in the fields of art, design and technology, hairdressing and photography. They will allow for larger exhibitions and can be used throughout the year. Boards for exhibition are required by all departments within the faculty. They can be stored appropriately and taken care of with a structured lending procedure. Total cost £3427.00 for 23 display boards

Bid 12: English & Learning Support Departments - 'Wordshark' Literacy/Spelling Programme

Six disk and headphones to support pupils' everyday spelling practise. Total cost: £250.00

Bid 11: KS4 Pastoral Department - 2013 Arden Prom

Supply of soft drinks and traditional sweets buffet. Total cost: £250.00

Bid 10: SMT/Pastoral Support - Form Prizes

Chocolate bar rewards for Safeguarding Awareness Quiz. Total cost = £36.00

Bid 9: English & Learning Support Departments - Whole School Site Licence for 'Draftbuilder 6'

Writing software for whole school literacy and learning support. Total cost = £625.00

Bid 8: PE Department for the purchase of C2C Bicycle Trailer

The purchase and necessary refurbishment of a purpose designed ex-hire trailer, suitable for the safe and secure transportation of upto twelve bicycles during four training rides and the annual Coast to Coast charity cycle ride. Could also be used to transport kit for pupils participating in the school's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and has loan potential for other uses as appropriate. Total cost £1500.00

Bid 7: Music & Language Departments for a Portable Public Address System

Purchase of a portable Yamaha public address system to support the Music Department with their bands, quartets, performances and recording studios as well as for use by the Language Department during the Language examinations. Total cost: £1000.00

Bid 6: Performing Arts Department for the purchase of Q Build Stage System

The purchase of this new system will double the current staging capacity of the school, as well as providing greater design flexibility and additional safety features. The staging will be used extensively within the school for large scale productions, concerts, Prize Giving and Awards Ceremonies, PTA events, drama lessons, extra-curricular activities and for use by other community groups such as Sea Scouts and Orchid Society. Total cost: £8114.00

Bid 5: Improved Lighting Options for Special Events

A multi-purpose LED Lighting System is required to enhance events such as Drama productions, Year 11 Prom, Presentation Evenings, Award Ceremonies, Family Fireworks, Holly Bash etc. At present this type of lighting is hired by the school. It makes financial sense to purchase these items as the payback will be within two years. Total cost: £540.00

Bid 4: Youth Centre iWall Interactive Whiteboards

The purchase of two iWall Solutions in the newly refurbished Youth Centre. These height adjustable interactive whiteboard systems; complete with projectors, speaker systems and associated storage cupboards, will greatly enhance the usability of the Youth Centre for Arden and the associated community groups who use the facility. Total cost: £9000.00

Bid 3: PSHE Department

  • funding for the Year 8 anti-smoking seminars as part of Drugs & Crime Awareness Week
  • funding for a theatre company visit during Drugs & Crime Awareness Week, to raise awareness throughout the school on issues surrounding the topic of alcohol. Total cost: £1400.00

Bid 2: PE Department for the supply of a 12m tribond carpet gymnastics floor area

Arden has three teams in the National Schools Gymnastics finals again this year. Many of the children are tumbling at a high level and the provision of this equipment consisting of 6 off 2m x 12m rolls of carpet with Velcro strips to hold it together, of the same standard used in National & Olympic competitions will help children to perform with confidence and achieve even higher levels. Most of the Arden pupils will benefit from using the mats in gymnastics and other PE lessons. The 70 plus members of the Gymnasics club will benefit hugely. In addition, many of our primary pupils who use the Balance gym club on Saturday mornings will also benefit. Total cost: £3456.00

Bid 1: Mathematics Department for two sets of Q4 Quizdom Response System Handsets

Quizdom provides a classroom response system which enables pupils to use handsets individually or in a group providing immediate feedback on understanding and progression. The Maths Department currently has one class set which has proven to be extremely motivating for pupils. However this set is now getting towards the end of its useful life and has been well used across the department. It has also been used in revision sessions put on for both Arden and Park Hall pupils. Having two further sets in the Department will allow more teachers and pupils to benefit from the system and also introduce it further into teaching KS4 and KS5. Total cost: £3122.88