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Absence from school


When your child is not at school - for any reason - it is important that we know of their whereabouts primarily for safety reasons. It is for this reason, that Arden has a dedicated phone line for reporting your child’s absence. Absence can include a full or partial day and can be due to illness, medical/dental appointments, holidays, external music exams, funerals, college interviews, etc. Our view is that if your child is not on the school premises, then they are absent, it is then your responsibility to report the reason for this. Your child’s attendance record will be coded properly to reflect this.

An absence should be reported on the first day of absence, preferably before 9am. The number for the Absence Line is 01564-773348, menu option 1. Please refrain from sending text messages to this number. If the absence continues for more than one day, you may continue to call daily, however, you are not expected to. If the absence continues for more than one week, we would appreciate a call every Monday to keep us updated. The Absence Line will ask you to say (1) your child’s name, (2) your child’s form and (3) the reason for absence. You can also report an absence by email on [email protected]. Upon return to school, your child must bring with them a note to confirm/further explain the reason for their absence.

Parents of Arden Sixth Form students who need to advise the school of their child's absence, please call 01564 732638 and provide the student's name. form and reason for absence. Alternatively you can email the information to [email protected]

If your child has to leave school during the course of the school day, for any reason other than unexpected illness, the teacher will expect to see an appointment card or letter from a parent. Permission will then be sought from a senior member of staff and your child must then be collected by a parent and signed out in the ‘Signing In and Out Book’ in Reception. It is very important that you sign this book. Upon return to school, the child must be signed back in in the same book again.

If your child becomes unexpectedly ill during the day, then you will be informed and they must be collected by a parent and the Signing In and Out Book filled in. If they are still unwell the following day, then you must call the Absence Line to report this.

It should be pointed out, that if you take your child away from school during term time for a family holiday, this will be treated as an “unauthorised absence”.

In the event of a family funeral, a child’s absence will be authorised for one day. If more than one day is required, for example the funeral is some distance away, then you must write to your child’s Head of Year to confirm this.

In the event of an unexplained absence, we will have to contact a parent (or person listed on the child’s contact list) to ask why your child is not at school. If we are unable to get hold of anyone, your child’s record will show an “unauthorised absence”.


A pupil arriving late may seriously disrupt not only his/her continuity of learning, but also that of others. If your child is late, they must sign in late and record the time of arrival. Arriving late, without a valid reason and note, will result in a lunchtime detention. Please ensure that your child/children arrive in school on time for morning registration which is at 8.40am.

If your child arrives late, because they had a medical/dental appointment or were feeling unwell first thing in the morning, then they must arrive with a letter confirming/explaining this. They will receive a “Late” mark, however, no detention will be given.

Routine Dental/Medical Appointments

If possible, please avoid taking your child/children out of school for routine dental/medical appointments. If the children are late or taken out of school for routine visits, then this obviously causes disruption for the school and it breaks the continuity of the child’s learning.

If in any doubt, please leave a message on the Absence Line as too much information is better than none at all.