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The Department consists of four full time members of staff and three part time staff. During Key Stage 3 a variety of topics are covered from the ICT National Curriculum as well as areas that allow students to develop computational thinking. At Key Stage 4, pupils are studying the Edexcel GCSE ICT course. At Key Stage 5, traditional AS/A2 ICT is offered.

2012 ICT Results



Level 2 Diploma*

Year 9 Full Level*

87.5% B

12.5% C

All pupils achieved aspirational targets with many achieving a grade higher

23% A/A*

38.5% B

38.5% C

All pupils achieved aspirational targets overall

72.7% A*/A

27.3% B

* 4 GCSE equivalent

All results met FFT(D) profile

23.9% A*

32.4% A

34.4% B

9.3% C

* 2 GCSE equivalent

All results exceeded aspirational profile

Key Stage 3

Pupils complete their programme of study at end of Year 9. This comprises of two units of study which are assessed by portfolio.


Key Stage 4

Students will study the Edexcel GCSE ICT course



Key Stage 5

Students will study the WJEC GCE Information & Communication Technology course