Leadership Team

It was with great pleasure we were able to announce the results of the 2017-2018 Leadership Team interviews.  The students are to be commended on their nomination and success in the interview process.  We would also like to thank the other students who so narrowly missed out - we are very fortunate to have such a weatlth of incredible students to choose from. We wish the team a successful, fulfilling and exciting year ahead, we know they will be fantastic role models for the school.

Hannah Sankar

I’m delighted and feel honoured to have been chosen to be Head of the Leadership team. It has been my goal since Year 7 to be in one of the teams and I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to achieve this. To get to the interview process was amazing, and then to get a lead role! I am so thankful for this wonderful chance to give back to Arden and to be nominated by teachers and peers to represent this school is a privilege and I am excited for the year to come working together as a team.

Harry Jenkins

I feel honoured and privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent the school as Head of the Leadership Team. I also feel extremely fortunate to have been voted for by my peers and members of staff and then selected for the role by the senior staff team. I am grateful that I was given this opportunity as I feel it will widen my responsibility within the school community and give me the chance to develop my skills as a leader. I’m looking forward to being part of the Leadership Team as we work on many of the problems facing modern society eg mental health and bullying. I believe we will be very supportive of anyone facing these issues.

Saul Batts

I never expected or even thought I could be voted into being a Leadership pupil as I was very shy and quiet in lower school. The support and help by by students that have known me for under a year and teachers has really surprised me. Thank you all so much for giving me this opportunity to work with this amazing team of students, both the Leadership Team and Senior Pupils. As a new Leadership pupil, I will do all in my effort to improve the school and I’m really looking forward to mentoring younger students and helping to raise awareness about mental illness and e-safety as I feel these are very prominent issues currently, yet very hard to identify and resolve.

Will Boles

I am deeply honoured to be selected to the Leadership Team at Arden and proud to be an ambassador of the school. I am very pleased to know that I have been selected for the team by both pupils and teachers. In the coming year, I am really looking forward to working closely with the others in my team to help influence positive change. I would particularly like to make a difference to the younger pupils through mentoring and helping to shape their futures.

Sarah Crane

I feel very honoured to be part of the Leadership Team. It is a privilege to be recognised by staff members and peers, to be a suitable person for this role. I see the Leadership Team as role models to other year groups to help them achieve the best at Arden. I look forward to working with an amazing group of people to make a positive difference to Arden and the local community. I am extremely excited for the year ahead.

Megan Dixon

I feel extremely honoured to have been given the opportunity to take on a role in the Leadership Team. I am determined to help those in younger years with any problems they face and am looking forward to being an ambassador for Arden. I am grateful to have been voted by my peers and teachers for this role and am excited about working with such a passionate group of people. I am tremendously excited about the year to come!

Andreas Fatta

I feel very honoured to be included as part of the Leadership Team and represent Arden. I was extremely happy when I found out I had been put through to the final sixteen by my teachers and peers; the quality of the students this year was very high so I was extra pleased to be part of that sixteen. I can’t even describe the feeling of relief I felt when my role was announced and I am now looking forward to working with my team to help better the school. I am so delighted to start working with such incredible people. I promise to put 100% effort into bringing out the best in my fellow peers.

Mary Takwoingi

After going through the selection of being voted by staff and peers and then the interview process, I am delighted to have been given a role on the Leadership Team. Being given the opportunity to help the school is going to be a very rewarding experience. I look forward to working with my team to help the school and younger pupils.

Megan, Sarah, Harry, Saul, Willliam, Hannah, Andreas & Mary