Residents and businesses in Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath have joined forces to become the first approved Neighbourhood Forum in the borough. 

As a recognised statutory body representing the three villages, KDBH Neighbourhood Forum will lay out the shared vision, aims, planning policies and proposals of residents, businesses and schools in the area. This will include proposing facilities and putting forward where any key sites for future development should be located. The forum’s priorities will include UK Central and HS2, as well as raising awareness of the new group and recruiting new members.

Communities now have the opportunity to write Neighbourhood Plans and have a say in what their neighbourhoods will look like in the future. Coun Diana Holl-Allen welcomed the move.  “I am delighted that the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum is the first such forum to be recognised within Solihull and am privileged to be one of its supporters as an elected member."

To find out more, please follow the link to the Forum’s website:

Information about the proposals for building The Arden Centre for Community Learning and the use of land referred to as 'The Arden Triangle' can be found by following the above link.